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dmara guitars

Building a great guitar by hand takes a great deal of time and patience. I pay a lot of attention to details. Before I sell a guitar, it has to meet my very high standards. My years repairing guitars have taught me what designs work and which do not. You will be purchasing a hand made instrument that starts from select pieces of quality wood. Hand carving of the neck and body makes each instrument one of a kind. You may have to wait up to a year for your instrument to be built, but realize you are making an investment in sound and playability, something that any player can appreciate.
If you are interested in a custom built guitar, feel free to contact me. Unfortunately, I am not taking orders at this time.


Basic Model Pricing

(Custom paint, inlay, hardware, etc. extra)

Electric Basses $1300.00 and up

Electric Guitars $1200.00 and up

Acoustic Guitars $1500.00 and up

Classical Guitars $1500.00 and up

Custom Paint

Translucent Color add $75.00

2 Tone Sunburst add $100.00

3 Tone Sunburst add $125.00

Metallic or Pearl colors $400


I use hardware that I know is good quality and time tested.

If you have something else in mind, BEFORE the guitar is built, ask me for a quote.

Thanks for your interest.